Atrocity and Sadism against Dog

Photo Art published a photo of animal abuse via Facebook on October 13, 2017. The administrator of the page comments: “It was found in Tbilisi suburb ;( It has a wire tied around neck and is suffocated. What can I say… I cannot make myself angry because of the bitterness inside.”

Hunting breeds generally suffer ill fate in Georgia. The majority of their owners regard them as tools, they are often captives of small confined areas (basement, garage). When the dog gets old, sick or has other problems which makes it unusable for hunting, it is left in woods or thrown in the streets or killed. Shelters are filled with thrown away hunting dogs, the majority of which is traumatized. You can often meet homeless and often sick or traumatized hunting dogs in Georgian cities and villages. They were thrown away by their owners!

This photo shows that the owner of the dog was a sadist. The owners suffocated the dog with wire and then threw him near the rubbish as litter.

Unfortunately, animal abuse is common in Georgia which is caused by insufficient legislation.