Ruthlessness towards pet animals in Georgia – Dogs were hung in a reserve

Photos of ruthlessness towards pet animals were spread via social network on September 9, 2018.

Facebook user L. P. published photos on Lagodekhi page with the below comment:

“When you bring visitors and show them your district with pride, enter the reserve and witness this fact near trail! Dog is an animal or human should be questioned after this!”

The photos depict hung dogs – they are presumably killed with metal wires.

This is animal torture!

Unfortunately animal cruelty continues in Georgia!

As ministry of internal affairs informs us, investigation based on article 259 of the Criminal Code of Georgia has started – this article refers to animal cruelty which resulted in the death or maiming of animal.

According to the ministry, one suspect is revealed. Expertise is underway and investigation is pending.

Video – TV RUSTAVI 2 – TV story