According to the owner of the killed dog, the police justifies the shooting

Friday July 13th, 2018

Zviad Zalikiani published information on killing of a dog in Zestaoponi, Georgia. As he writes, the identity of the shooter is known, but the police called to the crime scene told Zviad’s relatives that the dog bit people and should have been killed. Zviad states: “Some totally inhuman who is known killed Roki, which followed kids to school every day and had done nothing wrong…”

Zviad Zalikiani:

“We had one dog living in the yard. I went to Zestaponi, bought dog food and took care of it. When I was not there, my family took care after it. The neighbors did not approve. I could not make them understand, I even had some quarrels with them. They called the police and made them take the dog to Kutaisi shelter. Roki was castrated there, ear tag was placed and at last I managed to retrieve Roki. Then neighbors beat Roki. My family looked after Roki and we managed to put him back to his feet. We did not have any photo or video evidence, so we could not prove anything. My sister saw how a city hall employee tried to hit the dog and police witnessed it after this huge conflict. The police was against us and said that Roki was aggressive – while he was aggressive towards those who beat him, he never hit anybody. My grandmother called me today, but I could not answer and then she wrote to me that some inhuman, who is well identified, killed Roki – Roki, which followed kids to school every morning and did no harm to anyone. The police tells my family that Roki was biting people and should die. Of course, I called 112 and they told me that the patrol car is on the way, while the policemen were already there and had that discussion with my family blaming them for everything. I called 112 and informed them of the fact, asking who said that the car is on the way, when it is already there. They told me that only leaving of the car is registered with them. I answered that the car is already at the scene and does not inform them. They promised to transfer the information to general inspection – I said to do so.”

The above fact and information published by Zviad Zalikiani proves once again that certain policemen work in the ministry of internal affairs, who are not familiar with Article 259 of the Criminal Code and have inhumane attitude towards animals.

GSPSA appeals to the ministry of the internal affairs to urgently start investigation and reveal all of the involved persons.


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