Stray Dog Was Shot in Tbilisi

A stray dog was shot in the leg in Tbilisi on March 8, 2018. The injured dog was transferred to the animal shelter of Animal Monitoring Agency of Tbilisi City Hall for emergency assistance. The information on the fact was published by the director of the agency, Mr. VakhtangLomjaria:

“A light mixed breed dog was shot in Kvemo (Lower) Ponitchala today, approximately at 18:10.

The dog was transferred to our shelter and will undergo surgery soon.

Witnesses are being interrogated and investigation underway.

The victim is stable. The main thing is to save the leg, which is very difficult due to serious traumas.”

The dog had urgent surgery in the municipal shelter. Due to injuries front leg could not be saved. Based on 9 March information, the state of the dog is stable.

Further news on the health of the dog and results of the investigation will be published on our website.

GSPSA appeals the prosecution office of Georgia to take the case under control.

If you happen to witness animal cruelty, please, contact us.

Coverage of this case – Iberia TV.