Dog Gives His Life To Shield Baby Trapped In Fire

Wednesday October 26th, 2016

captureThe loyalty of a faithful dog is rarely tested beyond the daily companionship they so sweetly offer to the people who love them. But the recent heroism of one courageous pup proves yet again their love runs far deeper still.

He literally laid down his life to save a little girl who mattered more to him than anything else.

It all began earlier this week, when a fire broke out in the Baltimore, Maryland, home shared by Erika Poremski, her 8-month-old daughter Viviana and their dog, Polo.captnure

Erika had just stepped out to her car moments before the blaze began. She then raced back inside to rescue Vivian on the 2nd floor, but was held at bay by the fast-moving flames.

Fortunately, the trapped child still had a protector — Polo.

First responders from the Baltimore City Fire Department were quick to arrive, after which they learned of Vivian and rushed in to save her. That's when they found her, injured but alive.

cakptureAlongside her was Polo. He had laid on top of her to shield her from the flames with his own body.

Sadly, in the end, Polo could not be saved.

Indeed, he died a hero — joining the hallowed ranks of other pets who've saved human lives.

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