Lucky Dog Hotel - Terms and Conditions


I. Terms

Owner - a natural person who is the dog's owner with appropriate documentation and applies to the organization for temporary residence or already has left the dog at the hotel. The term also applies to a trusted person of the animal Owner - a representative, with a relevant document.

Hotel - NNLE "Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals" - GSPSA-owned facility, where, according to the rules of the organization, temporary reception/accommodation and services of owned animals are provided on the basis of a relevant agreement.


II. Acceptance conditions

  1. Only those dogs that are used to living in natural open spaces will be accepted in the hotel.
  2. The hotel does not accept decorative or other breeds of small-bodied dogs that are used to living only in the conditions of a house (apartment).
  3. Only healthy animals that do NOT have infectious or other contagious diseases or other health problems that require veterinary supervision will be accepted at the hotel.
  4. The dog must be vaccinated and identified.
  5. The Owner must fill in the hotel's dog admission application form.
  6. Admission of the dog to the hotel is confirmed with the official consent of the hotel management.
  7. In case of refusal to accept a dog, the hotel is not obliged to explain the reason for the refusal to the Owner.


III. deadlines

Duration of stay of the dog in the hotel:

  1. For the first (new) guest, the minimum duration of stay is not less than 7 days.
  2. For a repeat guest, the stay can be for any period.
  3. There is no maximum limit on the duration of stay for a dog at the hotel.


IV. Obligations of the hotel

Obligation of the hotel during the stay of the animal:

  1. Residence of the dog during the day and night.
  2. Caring for the dog's safety.
  3. Maintaining hygiene norms on the territory and house.
  4. Providing the dog with food and water according to the agreed instructions.
  5. Periodically providing the Owner with information and photo-video material about the dog.

In the case of the Owner's wish and mutual agreement, during the stay, the hotel is obliged to:

  1. Walk and play with the dog.
  2. Clean and brush the dog.
  3. Perform dehelmintization (deworming) (with a preparation provided by the Owner).
  4. Treat the dog with an antiparasitic drug (a drug provided by the Owner).

The service does not include:

  1. Veterinary services
  2. Post-operative care
  3. Grooming
  4. Other services that are not included in the list of activities or obligations of the hotel


V. Rights and obligations of the Owner

  1. The owner is obliged to provide dog food to the hotel when leaving the dog (accommodation for the full period of stay). If the period of stay is longer than one month, then at least one month's worth of food must be provided every month;
  2. When leaving the dog, the owner is obliged to fill out a form in which he describes the details related to the dog's feeding, such as - food ration, time, and others;
  3. When the dog's health condition is suspected, due to disease, stress (if the dog cannot adapt to a new environment), heat cycle, or other objective circumstances, that makes it inappropriate for the animal to stay in the hotel, the dog's owner is obliged to immediately withdraw the animal from the hotel after receiveng a notification from the hotel;
  4. The Owner must retrieve their dog on the day when the residence period expires.
  5. In case the dog's stay in the hotel expires and the Owner doesn’t retrieve the animal, the Owner will be charged 5000 GEL for the breach of the terms, and the dog will be considered abandoned by the owner. In this case, the hotel reserves the right to: disseminate information on the social network with reference to the owner's personal data and about the fact, to enter the Owner into the "black list", and to transfer the abandoned animal to the municipal shelter. The mentioned fact is considered by the law of Georgia as a violation of the rules of animal care and improper action by the Owner (abandonment of the animal in the property). The Owner has the right to withdraw the animal, but he must pay for the services rendered during the period of abandonment.


VI. procedure

A person wishing to leave a dog at the hotel must go through the following steps:

  1. Must read the hotel's terms and conditions (this document).
  2. Fill in the application form for the dog's admission to the hotel, after which he will be contacted by the hotel manager.
  3. The Owner (or his representative) must inspect the hotel on-site beforehand, familiarize himself with the management, and then make (or not make) a decision on the temporary residence of his dog in the hotel.
  4. The Owner and the dog should be introduced to the hotel representative.
  5. Two days before bringing the dog to the hotel, the Owner must electronically submit the following documentation to the organization:
    • Veterinary passport.
    • Dog registration certificate (if available).
    • Certificate from the veterinary clinic about the dog's health. (The Owner of the dog is obliged to check the dog in the veterinary clinic for infectious diseases before bringing the dog to the hotel (a plague test is required. It is preferable to test: leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis, and general blood analysis).
  6. In case the hotel decides to accept a dog, the Owner of the dog must transfer the amount in full in advance according to the invoice issued by the hotel.
  7. Transportation will be based on the agreement;
  8. In case of extending the duration of the dog's stay in the hotel, the Owner must contact the hotel five days in advance;

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