Lucky Dog Hotel


Independent spaces (bordered plots) with warm wooden houses, beautiful nature, calm and friendly environment.

Your four-legged friend will be cared for by GSPSA's animal welfare team with 20 years of experience working with animals.




Dog hotel prices



By bringing your dog to our hotel, you are helping homeless animals!

Lucky Dog Hotel is a subdivision of GSPSA. The profits generated by the hotel are solely dedicated to fulfilling the charitable goals of the non-profit organization, which include providing maintenance, care, and well-being for homeless animals, as well as supporting the animal village "Richi".

1 day of leaving your dog at Lucky Dog Hotel means helping several homeless dogs with food.


How to book?

Follow these steps:

  1. Check the hotel's Terms and Conditions;
  2. Fill out the Dog Boarding Application Form;
  3. Contact us:


General Information

The dog hotel is located 20 km from Tbilisi, in the village of Tsilkani. The hotel is located in GSPSA animal village "Richie".

The area of the hotel is 600 m². The mentioned area is divided into plots with a wire mesh. In the territory, there are 5 independent plots, each 60 m², and a common walking space - 300 m² (see the situational plan)

Lucky Dog Hotel - Plan

No more than 4 dogs are allowed to live in each plot, and only if the dogs are used to each other and do not feel uncomfortable before being admitted to the hotel.

In the dog areas, there are shaded and built-in dog houses. In case of placing 2, 3, or 4 dogs in a self-contained plot, additional houses are built in the plot.

In the walking space, there is a suitable place for meeting the owner and the dog. If desired, the owner has the right to come to the hotel, visit his four-legged friend, and relax in the open space with his dog.

The hotel can accept and serve 20 dogs at a time.

Animals living in the hotel are served by the hotel staff.

A video surveillance system is installed in the hotel.



Tel: +995 557 923 910 - in Georgian and English

Tel: +995 593 322 159 - in Georgian

WhatsApp: +995 557 923 910 - in Georgian and English


Facebook Page:

Address: Georgia, Mtskheta-Mtianeti region, Tsilkani village, animal village "Richi" (20 minutes drive from Tbilisi - distance 20 km)


Legal status

Lucky Dog Hotel is a structural unit of the non-commercial (non-entrepreneurial) legal entity "Georgian Animal Protection and Rescue Society" - GSPSA (S/C 205151847).

Legal status



Click on the button shown on the map - "Directions" and you will see the best route to the hotel on Google Maps.

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