Dutch Organization -"Dog Organization Georgia" – has Stopped Negotiations with Tbilisi Municipality for Construction of Animal Shelter

Thursday January 7th, 2010

In May of 2009 non-profit organization -"Dog Organizatsion Georgia" – managed by a Dutchman Ivo Buckhousen, decided to build in Tbilisi a shelter for street animals. This organization has addressed Tbilisi Municipality for allocation of a territory for shelter. Tbilisi Municipality has promised to the author of a project to allocate a land area of 2000 sq.m on preferential terms. The Dutch side has raised necessary funds from abroad.

On July 17 of 2009 in the hotel “Courtyard Marriott” in Tbilisi non-governmental organization “Dog Organization Georgia" and “Georgian Society for Protection and Security of Animals” (GSPSA) have signed a Memorandum on mutual cooperation. (GSPSA and "Dog Organization Georgia" have signed a Memorandum on mutual cooperation).

Authorized representatives of Tbilisi Sakrebulo (city board) and Municipality were officially invited to this event. It was declared at the press-conference that the city authorities have allocated and transferred to the Dutch company a land plot for construction of a shelter. This information was published by several mass media means and broadcasted by television companies as well.

Despite promises given by the authorities preparation of necessary documents by the municipality had been delayed till the end of November 2009. In November it became clear that only “Tbilisi Water” requested 160 000 GEL for obtaining special permit and arrangement of water supply and sewerage systems on the proposed territory, which was news. Together with it Tbilisi Municipality presented a draft agreement which was absolutely unacceptable for the Dutch side.

Because of these developments a lot of time was lost, nearly six months. Due to the absence of a shelter and a veterinary and diagnostic centre, non-governmental organizations could not participate in the tender announced by Tbilisi Municipality on December 3 of 2009. Several hundred animals that required urgent veterinary service and supervision were left in the streets to the mercy of fate. This is a vivid example of heartless attitude of Tbilisi Municipality to the problem. This situation has put the author of the project in an awkward position because the information given out by the organization based on the promises of the Municipality have appeared to be incorrect.

On December 25 of 2009 a negotiation was held between managers of DOG and GSPSA and it was decided to build a shelter for homeless animals on the basis of mutual efforts and interests. It is foreseen by the project to purchase a private territory, work out a design, carry out construction work and launch its functioning. DOG’s manager Ivo Buckhousen made an official statement about it at the conference on December 25 of 2009.

It is also very encouraging that one foreign citizen has confirmed his intention to allocate funds for the purchase of a territory. Several private land plots have already been chosen. One of the nearest days a decision on the purchase of a specific land plot shall be taken and after submission of official documents the territory shall be purchased for the private shelter. GSPSA shall supervise and manage design and construction work of the shelter. The shelter shall begin functioning in a few months. It shall house 100 dogs and 30 cats. DOG and GSPSA shall mutually resolve many important problems and issues.

Information about the project has been disseminated. Guarantee about allocation of money for the purchase of a land plot and design-construction works exists. It is highly desirable that Georgian investors also took part in funding of these programs.

GSPSA is glad that foreign partner has a confidence in this organization and shall try its best to fulfill all the tasks assigned to them in the shortest possible time. As a result of these efforts Tbilisi shall have a new shelter for street animals that shall answer to all international standards and norms. It shall create necessary prerequisites for control and management of animal population and contribute to setting up standards of humane attitude in this generous sphere of human activity.

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