Animal Lovers in Search of Dog Abuser

Friday October 7th, 2016

Another cruelty occurred in Mtskheta, Georgia on October 6, 2016. A 6 months old puppy under supervision of Irma Telia and Paata Kordzadze met them beaten. The poor dog was in shock, could not stand up, blood dripped from the mouth and one eye was completely out of its socket.








Irma and Paata urgently took dog to veterinary clinic. Veterinarian Akaki Ruadze placed the eye in the socket. However, it is unclear if the dog will be able to see with the eye.

According to the veterinarian, the dog is severely damaged as a result of ruthless beating, the jaw bones are broken along with hind teeth, traumas are on the skull as well. After emergency the dog was prescribed treatment course. Traumatized dog was put under care by Irma and Paata, who do their best to save the animal.

It is noteworthy that the dog is very friendly, which indicates the cruelty was committed by psychologically unstable individual.

Animal lovers will try to find the abuser on their own, because respective law enforcement bodies have not been able to effectively investigate and identify the criminals on similar facts that are unfortunately quite a few.

Animals are being abused in Georgia and we have to protect the animals!


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