The murder of a dog. Cruelty to animals still goes on

Sunday September 4th, 2016

14238299_1160230994023781_7606706608216135690_nTbilisi, Isani-Samgori district on September 3, 2016 guns deadly wound to the inhabitants of the street dog, which mzrunvelobda Mrs. Keta Chahua.

Wounded and bloody dog ​​by Keta immediately taken to the veterinary clinic. Despite maximum effort veterinary doctor failed to save the animal.



Keta Chachua own Facebook page writes:

"Today I have assassinated me, dog, ZMK's military base side, back to shoot me. This is the reality of the present, which unfortunately has no future. Words are not enough ... a small country and I am sure that those who shoot at us, will ever vote for me. The law does not exist, so I wish him the most beloved and blood loss gatsqalebas, suffering ... to know that he shot an innocent person and not just a dog. "

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Unfortunately continuing human cruelty to animals ...
Cruel attitude in Georgia has been an alarming consequences!

"Chorna" killed !!!

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