The first time in Georgia - a wheelchair for a disabled dog

Thursday September 2nd, 2010

In September 2010 our German friends Nicolas De Silva and Nicole Bart gave as a gift a special invalid carriage to the oldest inhabitant of the GSPSA dogs’ shelter the German shepherd dog Katie. Such carriages are widely used in the European countries for the dogs with paralyzed hind legs. It’s a good example of humanity and kindness to animals.

Katie was taken to the shelter in 2003. She was left by her owners. It’s much more surprising as she has won high prizes at dogs’ exhibitions. She has got four generations of fine GSDs after her and her breed line is still being developed.

Katie’s hind legs were paralyzed last year and she couldn’t move since then. Now she is 11 years old and the invalid carriage may remind her of her youth.

There are disabled dogs in Georgia and they may become victims of euthanasia on their owners’ decision. But there are special carriages for disabled dogs, and that’s the solution of the problem.

GSPSA is thankful to Nicolas De Silva and Nicole Bart for the help and support.



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