First time in Georgia International Day of Animal Protection – 4th of October was celebrated by GSPSA

Sunday October 4th, 2009

On 4th of October of 2009 International Day of Animal Protection -was celebrated by GSPSA first time in Georgia. This day -4th of October was celebrated established in 1931 in USA, in Florence by the protectors of Environment on International Congress. This day is celebrated in every country of the civilized world. In many countries there are meetings or demonstrations held with the request of animal protection.

Under a guide of GSPSA members of union and people who love nature arranged peaceful action in front of Tbilisi Municipality with the demand of protecting animals. Participants of the action held slogans which showed their demands and protests for animal protection purposes. Participants demanded from Municipality to stop actions of Municipality's contractor dog-killing organization, ratification of international legislation and setting up legislation basis of animal welfare in Georgia. Action was embellished by four legged friends, which they have adopted from shelters and streets.

It is very pleasant that media showed interest in this action and in the international day of protection of animals. This action was covered by the broadcasts of television companies' special editions and in printed publications.

After the end of the action participants went to GSPSA shelter and congratulated inhabitants of the shelter with this day.


Detailed information can be seen in "Activities"


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