Demand a healthy and compassionate food system – #FOODREVOLUTION

Climate change seems to be a distant problem, and we, too, normally continue our daily activities. Almost no one thinks that the current pandemic, climate change, and biodiversity loss are a direct result of treating nature.

For now, the focus is on treating the existing problem with the Covid-19 virus. We need to think about its causes and fight them; for this, we need to consider the various factors that increase the risk and spread of infectious diseases.

World-renowned animator Steven Cutts in his next animation, which he created for the Nicolas G.Piesros Foundation,  clearly showed not only the causes of the pandemic but also what kind of emergency measures are needed to combat them in the future.


You can help create positive change! Sign and share this #FoodRevolution petition to urge all governments to put the health of humans, animals, and our planet first!

Once we get to 500,000 signatures, we will present the petition to as many responsible ministers worldwide as possible.

Act Now, Save the world.

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