Fund Raising Event in Support of Animals

Friday July 22nd, 2016

Fund raising evening dedicated to 10 years of GSPSA – Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals and National Day of France was held in Lisi Rest, Tbilisi on July 13, 2016.

The event was attended by GSPSA members, representatives of France and other countries, animal lovers, members of Tbilisi City Authorities and Animal Monitoring Agency. Several dogs were brought from GSPSA shelter. They experienced great love and attention from the guests.

Organizers and attendees spent the most beautiful evening accompanied by delicious French cuisine and drinks. GSPSA chairman awarded organization members and animal lovers with “Certificates of Gratitude”. The organization was awarded a certificate from the municipality for active and successful cooperation.

GSPSA received donations and pet food that will provide for expenses of the shelter for two months.

Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals should thank:

French friend – Melody Guillemot, Jean-Baptiste Guillemot for organizing the event and cooking French dishes, the owner and management of Lisi Rest for support and uncharged service, law company David Asatiani and Advocates for donations, Chamber of Commerce for donations, Zoomart for pet food, foreign guests, representatives of the municipality, animal lovers and everybody who had ever supported the organization and enabled us to carry on!

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