Gabby - Mixed-breed, Female

Saturday October 14th, 2017

Breed – Mixed-breed
Name – Gabby
Gender – female
ID  - 
Date of birth – 01/2017

Character: faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: Bone fracture, paresis, and ankylosis of the back limbs.
Date of receiving the animal in the shelter: 9/10/2017
Recent information on health:  Gabby is healthy, she is hobbling because of injury and time-to-time she is dragging back limbs.

Status:  has got the guardian from dictance
Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care.


Dog information (history) see below:
Photos of the dog entering the shelter – 9/10/2017



GSPSA received a message about the traumatized dog in the basement in Gardabani. she couldn't move back limbs. On October 9, 2017, the dog had been transported to Tbilisi. The X-ray showed broken bone and ankylosis of the back limbs, she had a bullet  in the spine as well.  Unfortunately, these injuries can't be recoverable by operation. The dog will be disabled whole life.

The dog is taken to the GSPSA shelter where all the necessary procedures are performed.

photos - 2019

Update: 10/11/2017

Even though there was no hope,  Gabby is able to recover to get up and walk, after the exercises and massages.

Photos - February 2018

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