GSPSA representatives visited Gori Stray Animal Shelter

Friday April 15th, 2016

100_2373GSPSA representatives visited Gori Stray Animal Shelter on April 10, 2016.

The shelter was founded in 2013 as a non-commercial legal entity under Gori Municipality. The main mission of the organization is transfer of stray animals of Gori to the shelter, their veterinary service and return to their living area.

The conditions are quite harsh in the shelter. The shelter was granted amortized building of former weaving plant. The building is not usable as a shelter, roofing leaks and windows are not installed. It differs from shelter standards by architectural planning and construction type. The situation is aggravated by the fact that there are too many animals in the shelter (up to 200 dogs). The abundance of animals is caused by low public awareness of Gori population, as the dogs are not returned to their living area due to protests from the population. People often kick their pets out as well, leave small puppies in the area adjacent to the shelter.

10665669_1123574887677037_4539193762315634730_nA veterinary clinic and several cages are installed in the shelter. They do not comply with respective standards. The management of the shelter is in dire situation and heroically tries to feed the animals, provide veterinary service and strives to find forever homes for the animals. Due to the above mentioned the shelter management cannot operate normally. The shelter is subsidized by the municipality, but the funding is so scarce that it covers only some of the basic needs. In spite of hard work of the shelter staff, shelter animals are not facilitated with normal living conditions. The animals do not have houses and resting areas. Due to overpopulation their feeding and veterinary service become difficult. Even volunteers are not present.

GSPSA thinks that Gori Municipality should construct a shelter, which should comply with modern standards. Proper funding is also necessary, which will enable the organization to control and manage stray animal population in Gori.


Stray Animal Shelter of Gori Municipality
Address: 1 Moscow Street, Gori, Georgia
Director: Tamar Aptsiauri

Photo - Gori, shelter  10.04.2016

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