GSPSA representatives visited Gori Zoo for monitoring purposes

Tuesday April 12th, 2016



GSPSA representatives went to Gori Zoo for obtaining information and study of the situation on April 10, 2016. The reason for urgent visit to Gori was notification from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) investigation division asking GSPSA to look into situation, provide information and appropriately respond in case of violation of animal care rules.

GSPSA representatives observed and studied animal conditions in the zoo. GSPSA representatives reviewed the situation in detail, interviewed Gori Zoo director and staff.

GSPSA is convinced that zoos should not exist and animals should not be kept captive. Any animal captivity is inacceptable to the organization.

However, proceeding from the reality, Gori Zoo management does its best to facilitate normal conditions for animals. At present all animals are in good health. Hygienic standards are followed.

Cages in Gori Zoo are very small and animals do not have close to natural conditions and environment. At present there are 3 bears, 2 monkeys, lamas, turs, fox, jackal, eagle, pigeons, pheasants and hares.

GSPSA plans to send appeal to the government of Georgia to abolish zoos in Georgia in the nearest future.

GSPSA welcomes cooperation and support of PETA in animal protection field.

Photos of the visit to Gori Zoo:   GSPSA in Gori zoo 10/04/2016

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