GSPSA Started Guardian from Distance

Friday April 6th, 2018

GSPSA started Guardian From Distance from April 1, 2018. The program enables individuals to become remote owners of GSPSA shelter dogs – such owners care after specific dog. In this case the animal is in the shelter, while the owner facilitates monthly donation (remote ownership fee) in the amount determined by GSPSA.

The main aim of the program is to cover necessary expenses of the shelter animals, receive help from specific person - remote owner and his/her participation in the actual adoption of the animal. The program also provides opportunity for people who wish to have dogs, but due to various reasons are not able to. One of the objectives of the program also is facilitation of humane attitude and care for the shelter animals.

We are glad that within 6 days after commencement of the program 8 dogs have their distant owners.



The authors of the concept of remote adoption program are our Danish friends – Laura Marie Volpert Momme and Patricia Maja Andersen. At the same time they became remote owners of our shelter dogs.

Our Danish friends founded a group in Denmark - DIGU (Dansk Indsamling til Gadehunde i Udlandet – Help of People of Denmark to Stray Animals Abroad). Various aids are organized through this group. The mission of the group is to improve stray animal situation outside Denmark. Various events, auctions and other activities are organized to help stray animals in Georgia. DIGU helps GSPSA traumatized animal shelter and greatly contributes to the welfare of our shelter animals.

The first participant of our Remote Adoption Program and remote owner is Georgian lady – Natia Poladishvili who lives abroad and cannot have a dog at home. Natia became remote owner of GSPSA shelter animal – Abo. Abo is a victim of abuse and was brought to our shelter injured. Natia has always helped Abo and other shelter animals. Upon the publication of the program, Natia became permanent remote owner of Abo.

GSPSA would like to thank our remote owners and other people who will participate in the program or adopt our shelter animals.

For details of the program please see the page:    “Guardian from Distance”.

Become Remote Owner!
It will become a happy decision both for you and shelter animal!

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