GSPSA made a school presentation

Tuesday May 22nd, 2012

Upon the initiative of the teachers of ‘New School’, the representatives of GSPSA met with the students of the elementary school in Tbilisi, Georgia. The purpose of the meeting was to talk to children about the animals and animal related topics. The representatives of GSPSA had two puppies from the shelter with them. The children were told about different species of animals. They also watched various videos and were shown different posters depicting animals. In addition, they had a chance to listen to musical pieces on the aforementioned topic. The representatives of GSPSA did their best to answer all questions asked by the children.

At this stage, it was the only presentation on the topic made in a school for children aged 5-6. It is noteworthy that all children were from the families with a foreign background. The children were over the moon to have learned so many things about the animals. They were especially happy to interact with the puppies from the shelter.

This was the first step taken by GSPSA towards raising the awareness of the younger generation on humane treatment of animals. The teachers and animal rights protectors of the school made a decision to continue delivering the series of similar lessons in the future.

The event was organized by Adeline Sang, the representative of GSPSA. Other persons also participating in the presentation were Teimuraz Tsikoridze and Irma Burdiladze.

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