New Project of GSPSA - Multifunctional Complex for Animals

Wednesday September 16th, 2020

The Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals - GSPSA has developed a new project, for the implementation of which the organization has purchased 1.5 hectares of land in Mtskheta Municipality, where it is planned to build a multi-profile complex that will receive both domestic (homeless) and wild animals.

The multifunctional complex includes:

🔸 A permanent home for animals in special need
A house for animals that are not subject to gift due to their physical condition. Handicapped dogs who have difficulty or are unable to move and require special care.
🔸 Hospital for traumatized animals
It provides a space equipped with modern technologies that ensure the highest level of operations.
Postoperative space
🔸 Space for nursing dogs and puppies
🔸 Training space for aggressive and mentally unstable animals
🔸 We will have trained, qualified staff who will work with aggressive animals as well as those who have received severe psychological trauma and no longer trust people.
🔸 Rehabilitation-rehabilitation space
🔸 Our team will take care of the rehabilitation of traumatized animals with the help of world-proven physiotherapy, this will be a space with special pools and simulators that will help us get the animals to their feet faster.
Cat shelter
🔸 Appropriate spaces for wildlife
There are many cases of traumatized wild animals in Georgia today, the complex will be able to provide appropriate assistance to them

🔸 List of complex zones:

🔸 Spaces for animals
🔸 The given spaces include both isolated dwellings and walking areas
🔸 Administrative and agricultural spaces
🔸 Veterinary buildings
🔸 Quarantine space

And many other interesting and important spaces, including the training of qualified personnel, which are necessary for the development of the field of animal protection in the country.
GSPSA will be involved in the management of stray animal populations as much as possible, therefore the complex provides for a separate hospital, which will be focused on the castration/sterilization program.

The complex will be fully equipped with modern technologies, our team will take care that the animals will be served only by qualified staff, and we will ensure this with the help of our international contacts, Georgian trained staff will receive international level certificates.
The project envisages the creation of rescue crews, mobile veterinary clinics, and animal ambulance services.

After the final planning, the project will be sent to international organizations for processing, with their support we will be able to create the first multifunctional complex in Georgia in accordance with international standards, which will aim at animal welfare and survival in our country.

In parallel, GSPSA will work on legislative initiatives to address 'asylum standards' that do not currently exist in the country.

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