Human and Animal Life is Worth More than Trash – Let's Improve Georgia!

Thursday January 22nd, 2009

Since april, 2007  Angelika  has  contacted  to the Society.  She  likes  animals  so much  and  with  her  great  support  is  functioning  the  shelter   of  GSPSA.  Angelika  and  her  husband - Devis  Broach  have  made  too  much  for  the  shelter.  They are  the  most  active  members  of the  Society.  This  family  keeps  home Since  Apless animals from  their  budget .  They  give  animals  much  warmness.  Angelika  and her  husband  took  a  dog  from  the  shelter - named  Roki.  Now  Roki  is  in  America  and  feels  quite  well.  By  supporting  of  Angelika,  the Society  began to  do  much  good  matters.


Human and Animal Life is Worth More than Trash – Let's Improve Georgia!

Angelika  Katarzina  Broach

In Europe great efforts are made to ensure the harmonious and widely-recognized beneficial relationship between humans and animals. However, due to other economic and social problems in Georgia, the issue of animal safety and welfare is completely neglected. In fact, according to one high-ranking government official in a relevant ministry, in the eyes of the law there is little difference between homeless animals and trash. This is not just a problem for homeless animals – it is also a problem for Georgians and their pets, as stray animals on the streets can make some people uncomfortable or they can expose the citizens to some health hazards.

The Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPSA) is the only NGO the treatment of animals into accordance with international standards and experience, committing itself to operating an animal shelter for abused and homeless animals. Currently, due to space and financial constraints, the animal shelter is only capable of offering limited food, shelter and veterinarian and emergency assistance. In addition to offering animals for adoption to loving homes, the shelter promotes the importance of sterilization and proper animal care.

While the goals and objectives of GSPSA are lofty and its means to achieve them are as of yet limited, it is very easy to help GSPSA achieve its goals. Of course, one can always offer a loving home to one of the dogs from the shelter, thus creating more space for other homeless dogs. However, for those unable to do so, one of the simplest ways to help is to offer the shelter food scraps from your table, from restaurants, or pack up what is left after a supra – including bread – and take it to the shelter for both the dogs at the shelter and to be distributed to poorer households that find it difficult to afford the upkeep necessary for their companions. Another easy way to contribute is to bring old blankets and sheets to help keep the dogs warm during the winter season.

For those of you with a little more time or financial resources, there are other simple ways to help. The GSPSA accepts donations. If you are unable to open your home or your wallet, you can open your heart by giving attention to one or more dogs, for example by playing with them, petting them, or taking them for walks – all of which will improve your quality of life and that of the dog and improve its ability to find a loving home. You can also ask your veterinarian for support by educating their clients, donating medicines, or offering free sterilization for homeless animals. Another way to help is to become an advocate by writing to government officials and media outlets about the need to find a humane solution to the problem of homeless animals through sterilization programs and public shelters, which in fact will be needed in order to bring Georgia within the standards and requirements of the European Union.

Angelika Katarzina Broach – The member of GSPSA

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