This incredible guy risked his life to save a drowning bear

Tuesday March 1st, 2016

Once, a black bear wandered into an inhabited area in Florida. The police tried to put it to sleep using a tranquilliser gun, intending to then take it back to the national park where it come from. However, things didn't  go according to plan — and what followed was astonishing. But above all it shows how we can never say that humanity is lost. There are still wonderful people out there, and it's them who make the world go round.

Usually in these cases, a tranquilliser is used to incapacitate the animal and then transport it to the nearest forest.

In this case however, the bear was alarmed by the tranquilliser gun, and it ran towards the sea.

The bear tried to swam farther and farther out into the water, but as it did so the tranquilliser dart began to kick in, causing it to gradually fall asleep. The bear began to drown.

At this moment, Adam Warwick, a biologist who works for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, made a risky decision to try to save the bear.Those who were nearby were shocked by his actions and tried to get him to change his mind.

"I took the decision in an instant. When I saw the helpless, drowning bear, the adrenaline just rushed into my veins", said Adam.

The bear could have seriously injured Adam with its claws. At first it tried to climb on top of him to get out of the water, but it used up so much strength doing so that it could no longer move its arms.

Adam had to act fast. He held on to the bear calmly and tried to get a good hold of it by its fur.

The bear struggled to keep its head above the water, but Adam didn't let it go.

For those watching, the sight of Adam pulling a 200-kilogramme bear out of the water towards the shore was astonishing.

It seemed like an eternity until the moment when Adam finally managed to drag the exhausted bear to safety.

In the end, Adam ended up with only light scratches.fgs

At this point others were able to step in and help out.

With the help of an excavator, the bear was then returned to Osceola National Forest.

Neither Adam nor the bear will forget that day anytime soon.

"He looks a lot happier in his natural environment. I don’t think he’ll be going near the water any time soon", said Adam.fn


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