International Conference - Dogs Trust International Training 15 – 20 November of 2009. UK, London

Friday November 20th, 2009

387ed2051583On 15-20 of November International Conference ( Dog Trust International Training) was held in UK by the Dog Fund DogTrust. DogsTrust is and English International Organization which was founded in 1891 and is known as NCDL. DogTrust is resolved to save dogs and provide their happy future.

Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals was officially invited to the conference. GSPSA was presented at the conference by tMs Rusudan Graham - member of the society.

The main topic of the conference was relationship with dogs and gaining their trust, issues related to dog shelters, financing, looking for the new owners for dogs and other important issues.

Confernece was held in the central complex of DogTrust, where animal shelter and veterinary-rehabilitation center is located.

International conference ended successfully. Organizers of the fund gave positive assessment to the participation of GSPSA member in this activity and asserted their intention to support and cooperate in future with our organization.

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