Qosiko - Mongrel, Female

Sunday March 18th, 2018

Breed – Mongrel
Name – Qosiko
Gender – Female (spayed)
ID: eartag N 07 341
Date of birth – 07/2017

Character: faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: Three legs fracture.
Date of receiving the animal in the shelter: 16/03/2018
Recent information on health: Three legs fracture. Post-operative rehabilitation period 18.03.2018

Status: homeless

Adopt condition: only guarantee superior conditions for care.


Dog information (history) see below:

Photos of the dog  the shelter - 2019


Photos of the dog entering the shelter - 16/03/2018


On March 16, 2018, GSPSA shelter received an injured mongrel.On March 15,she was struck by a car and had fractures three legs. Prior to this injury, the dog was undergoing treatment for two months with the initiative of the "Bukia parck doogies"  team. Qosiko had skin problems. After she had recovered “Qosiko” was not adopted and on March 14, she returned to the streets, where it got into accident in a day and on March 15 was struck by a car. After the full recovery Qosiko will adopted only caring and attentive family

photos before and after medical care:


photos after car accident:


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