Kutaisi, Georgia, so called "homeless animal shelter"

Thursday July 31st, 2014

On February 7, 2014 city hall of Kutaisi announced a tender for building homeless dog shelter in Kutaisi, Georgia. The tender was won by individual entrepreneur (businessman) Paata Bokuchava and therefore there was concluded an agreement with him with the validity period until the end of 2014 where the price of the agreement was GEL 89 990 (USD 53 000). According to the agreement, there should be caught and delivered to the so called shelter 2400 dogs.


On July 30, the representatives of GSPSA and the city hall visited the animal shelter. The situation in the animal shelter is grave. The real picture has revealed breach of all the veterinary and hygienic norms as well as the conditions related with keeping, feeding and providing the dogs with water. The animals are in unbearable conditions  (Photos).


So called “animal shelter” located in Kutaisi is actually not a building designated or suitable for a shelter or veterinary services but is a jail for the animals having the purpose of torturing them. A shelter with its technological basis and with a team of professional managers should promote and organize the control of animal population and veterinary services, as well as taking of measures against reproduction in quantity. As for the so called shelter located in Kutaisi and the actions taken by the individual entrepreneur being absolutely unaware of the above-referred issues (with whom there has been concluded “state procurement contract”), it is merely an example of incorrect and unreasonable spending of state funds and it does not serve the goal of control of homeless animal population in the region. In addition, there takes place torturing of animals, there is lack of control of diseases and cruel treatment towards the animals.

Dog crates are full with animals. Most of them are suffering diseases. In such conditions there are no and can be no veterinary services provided. All sanitary and hygienic norms are violated and the animals are stressed. According to the local staff, the animals are fed only with bread which is not permissible in such conditions. In animal shelter the dogs should be fed with special food for dogs.

GSPSA considers that the state procurement contract N 65 21.02.2014 is not complete from the legal and contextual point of view however even the terms of such agreement are breached by the service provider.

On August 5, 2014 GSPSA addressed an official letter to Kutaisi city hall and requested the latter to examine the violations and take the measures defined by the law. In addition, the main request it to immediately stop the cruelty of the individual entrepreneur towards the animals as well as stop catching them and putting in “shelter”. Moreover, GSPSA expressed readiness to cooperate with Kutaisi municipality and promote the programs directed towards control of animal population in the region. Unfortunately, Kutaisi city hall officially states in written that the facts of ill-treatment and breach of norms have not been established and that such statements are false.


Based on the above-noted facts, GSPSA considers that the animal shelter in Kutaisi is a jail for the animals where they are subjected to torture and cruel treatment.

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