Letter of the chairman of the board of GSPSA to the Mayor of Tbilisi regarding the International Animal Protection day

Thursday October 1st, 2009

On 1st of October of 2009 chairman of the board  of " Georgian Society of Protection and Safety of Animals" Teimuraz Tsikoridze addressed the Tbilisi Municipality with the official letter. He notified municipality that 4th of October is an international Animal Protection Day in the world and GSPSA celebrates it as a significant date.

Main request in the letter was that municipality shouldn't allow activities of Municipality's contractor dog-killing organization brigades and consequent catching and killing of animals.

Letter says that "Debute" Ltd., is a commercial organization and its business is killing of animals instead of their veterinary treatment.

T. Tsikoridze addressed Municipality and expressed his hope that municipality will give appropriate correct analysis of the content of the letter and will act in sink with the law. At the same time he asked from municipality to approach the issue with attention and understanding and put an end to the unleashed actions of contractor dog-killing organization

Original letter


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