Ltd “Debut” has terminated its program for extermination of dogs on December 25 of 2009

Friday December 25th, 2009

The winner of the tender announced in 2007 in Tbilisi pursuant to the program “Rendering Veterinary Service to Homeless Animals” became Ltd “Debut”, the so called I'st veterinary clinic. During the whole period of its activity this organization has not practically provided any kind of veterinary service to animals but its actions were solely directed towards brutal extermination of street animals. The dog capturing brigades caught animals using most cruel methods witnessed by numerous citizens. After transportation of animals in absolutely unsuitable conditions which did not answer any standards, nearly all the animals were brutally killed without having carried out any veterinary investigation. Even today this company has not disclosed where the corpses of killed animals were taken. No official information is published and we couldn't obtain an official answer from Tbilisi municipality as well.

Based on the unspecified information till December 25 of 2009 that means during 2.5 year of its activity Ltd “Debut”, caught and killed most brutally in Tbilisi about 45 000 dogs. For this the “Debut” received from the state budget 1 600 000 (million six hundred thousand) GEL. These actions that were absolutely unacceptable, resulted in: incorrect migration of street animals, increase of the aggressiveness in animals, increase of the cases of diseases and enlargement of the population of homeless animals.

It is also very important to note that the abovementioned actions have traumatized a great number of people, who looked after homeless animals, took care of them, but as a result of the activity of “Debut” most of these animals were killed.

Ltd “Debut” is recognized by GSPSA as a group which treats animals with utmost cruelty.

Through official channels GSPSA shall soon obtain all relevant documents connected with the activity of this organization and publish them, thus it shall be possible to assess their activity.

We hope that Tbilisi Municipality together with non-governmental organizations and professionals shall elaborate new program, which shall exclude any cruelty towards animals and shall be harmonized with corresponding international programs.

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