On May 3, 2010 GSPSA sent the written appeal to Tbilisi Municipality and Tbilisi City Assembly.

Monday May 3rd, 2010

Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals made written appeal to Tbilisi Municipality and Tbilisi City Assembly on abolishment of rights of stray animals in Georgia, concretely in Tbilisi, and on problems to control of domestic animals' population.

It was the imperative appeal where was designated that the mass killings of stray animals is necessary for the control of population which has financial support from the government. The State Budget define much sum for killings and catching of homeless animals, which is quite ineffectual if considering international proven practice.

GSPASA appealed to the Tbilisi Municipality and the Tbilisi City Assembly with suggestion and expressed hope, that the Tbilisi Municipality and the Tbilisi City Assembly considered the suggestion of this appeal and did not repeat mentioned mistakes. And the result were destabilization of population, uncontrolledness of illness, unnatural migration, rising of quantity of stray animals, increasing of aggressiveness, erroneous spending of the State budget, enrichment of some private organizations, disappointment of animals' lovers inhabitants in Tbilisi.

GSPSA has expressed dissatisfaction on new tender announced by the Tbilisi Municipality and appealed to the Municipality for abolition the mentioned tenders, beginning relation for announcing tenders directed to the control of population, making consultations and were invited international and local non government organizations for sharing their experiences and taking part in development of this process.

With defined appeal GSPSA has again expressed its position in the sphere of animal protection.


See the appeal

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