The Meeting of Non-Government Organizations for the Protection of Animals with Deputy Mayor of Tbilisi

Thursday June 19th, 2008

Deputy mayor of Tbilisi Niko Khachirashvili met with non-government organizations, specialists and experts working in the field of protection of animals on 11th and 18th June, 2008. From Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals the chairman and deputy chairman of the board - Besik Kotchlamazashvili and Teimuraz Tsikoridze participated in the meeting. The goal of the meeting and the main topic was the solution to the problems of animal control, population regulation and other significant issues. After the consultation with the deputy mayor the need for the development of municipal laws (regulations) and arrangement of animal shelter became obvious.

The Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals proposed the municipality joint action plan to solve the above problem, which should be addressed based on international experience and using professional approach.

GSPSA hopes that such cooperation between the municipality and non-government organization continues eventually resulting in ceasing of permanent extinction of animals and establishment of humane and qualified approach to the issue.

GSPSA is patiently looking forward to further activities of the municipal agencies and expresses hope that the cooperation continues from 1st January, 2009 and real effective steps will be taken.

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