Mariam adopted a German shepherd Megi from GSPSA shelter

Saturday October 13th, 2018

Our shelter dog Megi is a very lucky girl!

Her owner has become our friend and a big fan of animals Mariam Rokhvadze.

Mariam adopted Megi on 1st of November 2018 from GSPSA shelter. She will live with Mariam at home and will have everything she needs for a happy life.

Megi will soon forget about the hard time she spent in the street but never forget her stay at GSPSA with other dogs where she spent 25 days and made many friends.

GSPSA thanks a lot to Mariam and wishes her and Megi a very happy life!

This information was posted on our website before adoption:


We are looking for the dog's owner!
If someone is familiar with the dog and has information about the owner, please contact us immediately!

Breed – German
Shepherd  Dog(or German shepherd mix)
Name- Meggie
Gender – female  (spayed)
ID:-ear tag N 09231
Date of birth –2017
Character: Calm, smart,energy.Reason for receiving at the shelter: finding her owner
Date of acceptance at the shelter: 05/10/2018Health condition-healthy
Status: Homeless(lost or abandoned)
Adopt condition: If we can't find her owner ,she'll be adopted only guarantee superior conditions for care.

You can help Meggie's. At the time of donate, please indicate the purpose.


On the 5th of October, the GSPSA members found a German shepherd tied to a metal bar in front of pizzeria near by the metro "Akhmeteli"
According to the staff of pizzeria, the dog was tied for two days without food and water.
Animal monitoring agency operator informed us that the dog with this I.D number several months ago was released in the town area.
We can not rely on the accuracy of this information, since the dog is groomed, in good shape and has collar and lead.We do not know why the owner or the other person tied the dog and left her.
The dog was transferred to GSPSA shelter. If within 10 days we can not find her owner, the dog will be put for adoption

In the shelter we called her "Meggie". She is very funny, dignified, energetic and player dog




Meggie's photos,when we found and brought her to our shelter.


If you wish to adopt a pet, please, read through Animal adoption policy and fill in Pet adoption requisition form.

If you have various cause and can’t adopt a dog, you have unique chance to get involved in the program ofGuardian from Distance.

The shelter functions only on donations.
You can indicate purpose of the donation.

For the purpose of assistance you can transfer money to the bank account of the organization:





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