GSPSA and the company INVET have signed a Memorandum of cooperation

Sunday December 11th, 2016

%e1%83%98%e1%83%9c%e1%83%95%e1%83%94%e1%83%a2gspsa-n1 On International Animal Rights Day, December 10, 2016 GSPSA and company INVET Ltd draw up the Memorandum of Cooperation. In signing the Memorandum parties confirm their strong collaboration in animal protection and survival, acknowledged international acts and declared their readiness to protect animal rights.

With drawing up the Memorandum of Cooperation GSPSA and INVET Ltd supported part of intellectual society who cares about animal rights.

At the same time, INVET LTD became a partner and donor organization of NELP “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals”, which is very essential to support activities of non-profit organization, to protect animal rights and their wellbeing.



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