Olly – Mixed-breed, Female

Friday February 16th, 2018

Breed – Mixed breed
Name – Olly
Gender – female
Date of birth – 2016
Character: faithful, smart, kind

Reasons for receiving a shelter: Injury - Most likely a car collision damaged the spine. Bullet holes in the thighs and hind limbs. Paresis of hind limbs, no sensitivity.

Date of receiving the animal in the shelter:   11/02/2018

Recent information on health: The damaged spine will never have sensitivity , as well as the nerve damage between the bones in the back legs. The dog can move with the front legs, and the back legs are paralyzed (17.01.2020)

Status: Homeless

Adopt condition: Ready for adoption, cause she is used to live in that condition as she is and enjoys her life without any pain.


Dog information (history) see below:



When Olly was found.

Photos of the dog when entering the shelter - 12.02.2018


On February 11, 2018, GSPSA shelter received a traumatized dog. The traumas were caused by a car accident. The dog was transported from the Sighnaghi district. On February 12 the dog was tested for the diagnostic examination, which is shown that the dog had a second vertebra broken in the back of the spine and had bullets in the backbone and thigh bone. The ultrasound examination showed that the urinary bladder is absorbed, the integrity is not damaged, but there are hamstrings, which is the result of an injury, and the intestines are irritated by intestines. We call the dog "Olly." She will undergo any treatment and rehabilitation in GSPSA shelter. If the dog survives, she will probably stay crippled

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