Pakuna - Mixed breed, Male

Thursday October 12th, 2023

Name: Pakuna
Mixed breed
Sex: Male
Date of birth: January 2022 (estimated)
Character: kind, smart, trusting, cheerful, friendly.
Admission reason: Trauma of two front limbs
Admission date: February 2023
Health condition: Healthy (Final improvement 04.10.2023)
Status: In GSPSA ownership, ready for adoption
Adoption conditions: Only if the potential owner offers superior conditions for the animal. The dog is accustomed to living outside. A private house with a yard is preferable.


One of the members of the organization GSPSA brought Pakuna from the region in a traumatized state. According to an X-ray, the dog was diagnosed with fractures in both front limbs, in two places.


An operation was planned, but Pakuna soon began to recover and the limbs started healing on their own. In a very short time, the dog managed to walk on all four paws and joined his new friends in the animal village "Richi".

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