"Help the Strays" Program Update

Wednesday April 22nd, 2020

GSPSA's "Help the Strays" update for 1 month from March 20:

  • The total amount donated since March 20 (5741 GEL).
  • The amount spent on food for 1 month for strays (3861 GEL) for animal feed, up to 1.5 tons.
  •  Medications and other necessary means  up to 300 GEL
  • Approximately one ton of food will be purchased with the remaining amount by the end of the month.
  • Number of stray animals under the auspices of GSPSA on a daily basis under the program: about 300 (several districts of Tbilisi, Zugdidi municipality and several villages).
Since the situation caused by the current global crisis is unavoidable, how long will it take for, we are calling everyone to help nearby stray animals as much as possible. They are left without any food source on the streets.

The “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPSA) charitable, emergency program “Help the Strays” works from March 20, 2020.
The program aims to help the stray animals grately affected of hard circumstences caused by Corona Virus COVID-19 crisis with food and global problems and to alleviate their difficult living conditions. The focus will be on regions of Georgia where homeless animals are particularly vulnerable and in need of immediate assistance.

Within the framework of the program, with the involvement of GSPSA members and volunteers, the purchase of food for stray animals living in the territory of Zugdidi Municipality are daily provided with food and neccesary medications.

Detailed information about "Help the Strays" program

"Help the Strays" program progress

In case you are able to contribute and help the strays mark your donation "for strays"


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