Puppies and kittens are still thrown into the garbage cans in Georgia

Friday September 10th, 2010

The owners of cats and dogs very often throw unwanted puppies and kittens to the garbage cans, rivers or desert places where the little creatures will most probably die. The members of the GSPSA often detect such cases. In fact during the year several such cases have been detected. On the 9th of May, 2009, the member of the GSPSA Nicolas De Silva, who is the citizen of Germany discovered two little puppies in the garbage can. Fortunately the puppies have been saved. On the 14th of July, 2010, a man brought four blind puppies also found in the garbage can. All of them died in few days. On the 3rd of June, 2010, on the request of the American citizen Ron Martin two little kittens were taken to the animal shelter. Ron had found them thrown away in the street, took them and was taking care of them for three days. But they were too small and week and it was impossible to save them. The GSPSA animal shelter has hosted hundreds of thrown away newly born little creatures. The members of the GSPSA have done their best to save them and take care of them but unfortunately most of them have died.

On the 9th of September, 2010, in Nutsubidze Plato II, Tbilisi, in the street garbage can the children found a plastic bag with eight newly born puppies in it. The head of the GSPSA Temur Tsikoridze called the police but the police has refused to investigate the case.

There is nothing surprising in this cruel attitude towards animals as the State and Tbilisi City Hall announce tenders on killing animals. In fact the City Hall and its companion firm has caught and killed violently about 50000 homeless dogs. And millions of GL have been paid for these unworthy job. It should be mentioned that these firms chase puppies mostly, and we may think that they are also involved in illegal business of trading dogs’ meet.

The State and the Church are to promote the humanitarianism and humanitarian attitude towards all the living beings. Educational institutions should teach youngsters to be kind to animals and to treat them well. Any act that causes the unjustified death of an animal is a crime. It is stated in the Animal Rights international declaration.

The GSPSA blames the government in violence and violent actions against animals, as it’s the State government who should care for the delivering and spreading of humanitarian ideas among the citizens. The only thing that the government does is supporting the violence and killings of homeless animals, and increasing hatred to animals.

Helpless animals still are being killed violently.

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