Radio Liberty – Our guest today Teimuraz Tsikoridze

On 5th of October of 2009 Tbilisi studio of Radio Liberty because of interest in animal protection issues invited Chairman of “Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals” Teimuraz Tsikoridze



Radio Liberty:
Our Guest today: Teimuraz Tsikoridze

Author Niko Nergadze

” Guest of Radio Liberty’s Tbilisi study was chairman of “Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals”. He spoke on the protests arranged on 4th of October of 2009 in relation to International Day of Animal Protection. Teimuraz Tsikoridze thinks that Tbilisi Municipality Program on reduction of stray dogs population is ineffective, because the place emptied by killing dogs soon gets occupied by the animals from the distant areas, which have more aggressive attitude towards people. He also said that the techniques used for catching animals used currently are extremely cruel and do not correspond to the modern norms”.

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