Anjelica Tejada: "We treasure every day with him"

Sunday January 26th, 2020

I moved to Tbilisi in early 2006 and shortly after my residence establishment I found GSPSA where I became a volunteer. That is where I found our beloved fur baby, or someone can say that is where he found me.  I knew I wanted to adopt a big mixed-breed dog as at that time they had the least chance to be adopted.  When the day of my decision came, as always I was surrounded by dogs that were running free in the shelter space. They all wanted the same, some carrying touch and attention and I wanted to spread my love evenly. However, somehow Roki's eyes spoke to my heart the loudest.

Our beginning of the journey as a family was not easy. First, the landlord of the apartment we were renting did not want to agree to bring a big dog. Moreover, Roki got very sick and he required a long medical treatment. That only connects us even more. He became my fur baby, part of my happiness. During Roki treatment, Temuri was helpful and emotionally supportive to both me and Roki. We were looking at him getting stronger, more confident, and finally healthy.

A few years later we had to move back to USA. It was no doubt that he is a part of such an event. My life could not be completed without his presence. Now, over a decade later many of our life decision depends on Roki. We gladly arrange our life to make sure he is happy, and when we must leave home for longer than one day, we are sad to leave him even if we know he is in good company and well-taking care by somebody else.  Furthermore, now as a senior dog, he has more needs and limitations and this, unfortunately, brings us the reminder that the time passes so fast.

We treasure every day with him.

He brought to our life an enormous level of joy, filled up our hearts and mind with love. Moreover, he helps us to create wonderful memories and stories.
Every day when we return home his presence warms our hearts are big smiles shine on our faces.
We speak to each other. Yes, doggie language,  3 human languages, and body language.

We let him dictate roles or even give up on our own comfort.

From time to time we must remind him who is master in the relationship because belief me his eyes can make you "melt" and give up on your own idea or plan. Therefore, you mind find out yourself in the situation where there is no space in your own bed, your snacks were already eaten, your walk is 1h longer. Many times, without hesitance we let him dictate roles or even give up on our own comfort because he is our fur baby.

His friendship,
his love,
his presence is precious and a great gift from life!

Thank you Temuri and thank you GSPSA members!

Anjelica Tejada,

26 January, 2020.


Anjelica Tejada - Member of GSPSA since 2007.

Angelica has been a part of the GAPA community since April 2007. He has a deep love for animals and has contributed greatly to the community's refuge to date. Angelica is an active member of the GSPSA  and has been a great help to the shelter. Angelica picked up a dog named Rocky, who is living in a furever loving home in the USA more then 10 years.

Rocky was found by Teimuraz Tsikoridze when he suddenly appeared in front of the GSPSAs shelter in the morning, he was a 2-month-old puppy.

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