September 29, 2014 – Animal Cruelty Committed by Young Men in T. Rustavi, Georgia

Friday October 31st, 2014

A video was shared through internet. The video depicts a ruthless murder of a small puppy by three young men, namely, they stoned the puppy with utmost cruelty in t. Rustavi, Georgia on September 29, 2014. Video clearly shows how the young men chase harmless animals and in the end how they stone a puppy (based on the information sources, it was a very small yet blind puppy). The fact is appalling and proves sadistic acts of these young men. These men are dangerous not only for animals, but for people. Their sadistic actions, directed especially towards weak and harmless animals that are in desperate need of help and humane attitude, reflect very inhumane behavior of these men.

Acting chairwoman of NGO “Animal Friends” – Irina Liklikadze appealed to Rustavi police on beating of the blind puppy by three young men.

On September 29 owners of a shop in Rustavi, video surveillance camera of which shot the cruelty scenes, contacted animal rights organization. Head of the organization informed the police on October 2. The police started investigation the same day, young men were identified and interrogated.

Investigation towards a young man, who was especially active during puppy murder, was started based upon part 1, Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. This article regulates animal cruelty that resulted in death or crippling of the animal and sets sanction of fee or community works.

However, the prosecutor stopped the proceeding, did not deem the young man a criminal and sentenced him to only 100 hours of corrective labor.

Despite many appeals from animal protection organizations to the authorities of the country, where animal right activists directly request ratification of universal declaration of animal welfare and European convention for the protection of animals as well adoption of internal legislation, making necessary changes and introduction of strict measures in animal protection, the authorities do not pay attention. Sadists benefit from the situation, while law enforcement bodies ignore appeals from intellectual community and cover up criminals.

Georgia is not part to international conventions or other acts on animal welfare. Issues of animal cruelty and animal safety are not regulated, except for Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Georgia. However, this article is “dead” and it has never been used despite massive nature of animal abuse.

Unfortunately, animal cruelty is very frequent in Georgia and there is no decent response from law enforcement bodies.

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