Signature of a memorandum between non-governmental organizations and the Emergency and Urgent Situations Management Agency of Tbilisi City Hall

Thursday April 4th, 2013

On April 4, 2013, the World Stray Animals Day, the following non-governmental organizations: Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPSA), Homeless Pets Help Organization, Dog Organization Georgia, and Tamaz Elizbarashvili Association for Dog Safety and Protection, signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tbilisi City Hall P.L.E. Emergency and Urgent Situation Management Agency, for the protection, safety and facilitation of the rights of animals in Tbilisi.

Memorandum text in Georgian

Translation in English

This is the first cooperation document between non-governmental sector and official authorities about the protection of animals in Georgia. It is an important step towards resolution and progress in stray animal population management in this country.

Animal rights protection organizations jointly implement measures, work on different projects and collaborate with Tbilisi City Hall P.L.E. Agency on the issues of domestic and wild animal regulation : consultations regarding Tbilisi municipal shelter, veterinary trainings, release of sterilized, marked and vaccinated animals, adoption of animals, veterinary services, activities for the rescue of stray animals, etc.

Through official signing of this memorandum, Tbilisi municipality made a significant step towards the use of humane methods in stray animal population management. This is the result of non-organizations’ efforts and commitment.

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