Sponsorhuset – Zero expense for you and Helping Hand for Animals!


Are you willing to help animals?

You have the unique opportunity to make big difference for animals welfare with zero expense!

Find out more and get involved in sponsorhuset.se’s charity platform!

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sponsorhuset.se is a Swedish registered cash-back commercial website, which is popular across the world and has a high rating, as well-known charities (brands, stores, various services, etc.) provide charity to non-profit organizations that the consumer chooses.

The originality of this website is as follows:

sponsorhuset.se has over 600 largest companies in the world (brand, store, etc.). The user will register on the site and subscribe to the item he or she needs, or pay for other services at which they will pay the fee. The key point is that in this case the customer is referring to a non-profit organization registered on his / her website that receives a certain percentage of the money paid for charity and gets some percentage of payed  money back as well.

It means that by becoming a member and then shopping as usual via sponsorhuset both you and the association you support gets money back.

By registering at sponsorhuset.se you can subscribe to various things, buy a plane ticket, book a hotel and so on.  Such as: Booking.com, Hotels.cmo, Nike and etc.

Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals  – GSPSA is registered on sponsorhuset.se as a charitable legal entity.

GSPSA’s link on SPONSORHUSET.SE : https://www.sponsorhuset.se/gspsa/

By doing this you are helping GSPSA’s Traumatized Dog Shelter and Organization as well!


Use of the platform is possible through simple registration, with a guideline to the English and Georgian versions below.

Go to the GSPSA page at sponshuset.se –  https://www.sponsorhuset.se/gspsa/ and fill simple registration form.

Then go to your created page and click on the shops chart from which we choose the one we want and then click on the logo to go to the site where we get the desired item or service.


By doing so, your interest will be deducted from the GSPSA as a charity and at the same time you will be refunded.

Guideline with detailed explanations down bellow(PDF file):


  sponsorhuset.se – Guideline for registration