Tiger – Mixed breed of Caucasian Shepherd, male

Sunday December 24th, 2023

Name: Tiger
Breed: Mixed breed (Mixed breed of Caucasian Shepherd)
Sex: Male
Birthday: July, 2023 (assumed)
Identificator: Microchip
Personality: Cheerful, friendly, smart, unproblematic, trusting
Reason for bringing: Injury of hind legs due to car crash and being in a vulnerable  condition
Receiving date: GSPSA – October, 2023.
In Animal Village “Richi” – December, 2023.

Health condition: Healthy (As of December 25th, 2023)
Status: Under the ownership of GSPSA, ready for adoption
Adoption conditions: The dog will be adopted if the potential owner provides high quality living conditions. The dog is used to living outside, so a private house with a yard is desired. He must be adopted only if another dog will live with him.


“Tiger”, who was about 4 months old, was found by GSPSA members close to a car road in an injured state. It was determined from the degree of the injury that a car ran over his hind limbs. Both of Tigers legs’ bones were shattered. After 2 months of care and treatment there were results. The leg injuries are no longer noticeable.

The mother of Tiger was kicked out by the owner on the street. The GSPSA members were caring for them, but, unfortunately, after Tiger’s injury the mother and other puppies disappeared and could no longer be found.

With the decision of the organization in December of 2023 Tiger became a resident of the Animal Village and he is happy now. Tiger's stray life filled with hunger is left in the past now.

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