Dog Killing and Eating by the Chinese Was Eye-Witnessed in Tbilisi

Saturday May 21st, 2016

Digital media “Free Zone” published an article and video material on brutal killing and eating of dogs by representatives of the Chinese company in social network on May 20, 2016.

Article as published:

We publish the Tamaz Elizbarashvili’s status and video material obtained by Free Zone on dog eating:

Workers of Chinese company Gilshen are on strike!

Representative of Free Zone Jemal Sepiashvili contacted the shelter yesterday. As he claims, he was contacted by employees of Chinese company Gilshen.

As it seems, Georgian employees of the Chinese company Gilshen constructing Olympic village in the vicinities of Tbilisi Sea are not paid by the management of the company. They have no signed contracts or other official documents. As a result, their rights are violated on daily basis. Due to the above the workers started protests. In addition, the workers say that their shared living is awfully dirty and miserable (with no regard to sanitary norms). Informational site Free Zone publishes video material where the workers speak about their problems. If interested, our readers can see detailed information from

this link.

Let’s return to the reason why Jemal Sepiashvili called the shelter.
He and members of United National Movement saw many puppies during their onsite visit. When asked why so many dogs were tied in the area, no reasonable response was given. According to one of the workers, the Chinese skin the dogs and puppies and eat them at night. They also kill harmless turtles. They eat their flesh and make helms out of their shells – according to the workers. After witnessing such atrocity, the only thing Jemal could think of was contacting us.

After receiving the information the owner of the shelter sent operational group to the indicated address.

Our employees witnessed despicable conditions. They put the puppies in the car and transferred them to the shelter. They also took the turtles that presumably were kept for the supper.

We could not keep turtles along with dogs, so we did not deprive them of freedom and left them in a safe large wild meadow.

Puppies were placed in our enclosures.

If any of you desires to adopt these puppies saved from horrible death, please, come to our shelter!


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