Tbilisi City Hall Replies to Brigitte Bardot

Friday December 16th, 2011

Tbilisi City Hall replies to the letter of the actress and animal defender Brigitte Bardot, who addressed the city hall about animal treatment in the country.

As it is highlighted in the reply, Tbilisi City Hall has stated that emergency situations management agency had been undertaking reforms in the field of homeless animals control.

“We are replying to the open letter to Gigi UGu lava, from the actress and singer Brigitte Bardot. We would like to highlight that building of the shelter has begun and healthy animals will be placed and taken care of there. New animal transportation equipment was purchased. It will be checked if animals are dangerous for society. In case of the threat, animal will be put to sleep in civil way. Also, we are closely working with the animal protecting non-governmental organizations to implement following methods in the future: sterilization-castration. – says Tbilisi City Hall.

Let us remind you, that few days ago Brigitte Bardot sent an open letter to Gigi Ugulava, where she blamed his entity for animal cruelty.

“I would like to express my deepest worries about the stray animals situation in Georgia, especially in its capital, Tbilisi. Daily, thousands of animals are dying in Tbilisi due to horrible conditions.. Mass killing of stray animal, founded by the government’s money, only serves the overpopulation problem, but not its core cause.” – says Brigitte Bardot in her letter..

GSPSA has addressed the Chairman of Tbilisi City Assembly with the request to take into consideration the existance of this important act with attention and understanding and to conduct its examination in the appropriate committee in the shortest period of time in the presence of the project author, non-governmental organizations and specialists.


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