Puppy dies as a result of children playing football with the animal

Friday August 17th, 2018

Heinous fact occurred in Tbilisi!

Children played football and used a puppy instead of a ball hitting it with feet. A kind person took the puppy, took it to veterinary clinic, but puppy could not be saved.

Mao Galuashvili publishes photo of dying puppy with below comment on August 16, 2018:

“I am so angry! The puppy was taken from three urchins (6-8 year old) in Temka. They played football with the dog! When people came to take the puppy, the child would not give it and tried to throw it to the highway! Why do you raise such children, people!

The little one has trauma to the head and is all covered in hematomas, nobody knows if it will live through this night!

Those urchins will find another amusement and will not be punished. I really have no words left. Where does all this violence come from?”


These children are most probably already formed murderers! They could kill other animal or even human being and it will be for amusement!

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