Our animals need your help urgently!

Wednesday April 10th, 2024

Our Animal Village at GSPSA is a sanctuary for abandoned and traumatized animals, providing them with safety, care, and love. Currently, we are home to 90 dogs, each with a unique story of hardship.

Many neglected animals are regularly in our way with nobody to make a difference for them – as a result, there are an additional 40 dogs we feed and care after on a daily basis.

To sustain our mission of compassion and care, we urgently seek your assistance in meeting basic needs such as veterinary care, essential medications, and utility expenses. The monthly cost per animal stands at 180 GEL, while dog food alone amounts to 6000 GEL.

With the increasing number of animals requiring care and assistance, financial resources become scarce and insufficient.

“Aversi” and “Invet” have been providing part of the required medicine for years – we should thank them for their unprecedented kindness!

However, the demands of our animals far exceed the help we are so kindly receiving.

Without immediate assistance, we fear for the well-being of these innocent creatures who depend solely on us for their survival. Your generosity can provide comfort, sustenance, and a second chance at life for these vulnerable animals. Every contribution matters, and every gesture of kindness is of utmost importance to the lives of these deserving creatures.

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Voluntarily created by GSPSA member Irakli Geleishvili
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