GSPSA's Event of demand to tighten the law against an animal cruelty - World Animal Day – 04.10.2017

Sunday October 8th, 2017

"Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals" - GSPSA organized an event to celebrate World Animal Day in Tbilisi on October 4, 2017.


Proceeding from the fact that due to absence of respective legislation and incomplete legal base, animal abuse is very frequent, while the existing legislation does not provide for proper sanctions against extreme animal abusers, the main goal and demand of the event was to tighten Article 259 of the Criminal code regarding animal abuse. GSPSA petition to the Parliament of Georgia was presented on the event and signatures were collected.




Animal lovers around the world celebrate this day each year ( It was first celebrated in Georgia in 2009 by GSPSA.

The decision to celebrate world animal day was made at an International Congress of Animal Protection Organizations in Florence in 1931. World Animal Day was chosen to be on 4 October as it is the Feast Day of Francis of Assisi (St. Francis of Assisi, 1181/1182-October 4, 1226). St. Francis of Assisi is the patron saint of animals. The first to celebrate the day in Georgia is GSPSA.

The petition was sent to the Parliament of Georgia.


Petition to Tighten Article 259 of the Criminal Code of Georgia - 2017




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