April 4 – GSPSA Celebrated World Stray Animal Day with an Event

Tuesday April 5th, 2016

Non-for-profit organization Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals – GSPSA, public legal entity of Tbilisi City Hall – Animal Monitoring Agency, volunteers and animal lovers celebrated world stray animal day with an event in Bukia Garden, Tbilisi on April 4, 2016 and declared solidarity with animal lovers who celebrate the day throughout the world. April 4 is stray animal day. The main objective of the day is to help, adopt, feed, care for stray animals.

15 stray puppies were adopted on April 4. The puppies received veterinary service in municipal shelter. Informational booklets were distributed to improve public awareness. Veterinarians, dog experts and representatives of animal protection organizations consulted the new owners of the puppies and other interested individuals in various animal related issues. Registration certificates were signed as well.

The event was successful and the main mission of the day accomplished.

GSPSA would like to thank Animal Monitoring Agency, volunteers, animal lovers and everybody who considers animal welfare important.

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Every year since April 4 2011 the world celebrates stray animal day which is the day for compassion, care and help to stray animals -

There are approximately 600.000.000 stray pet animals in the world. They need attention and help. Dogs and cats should have a home and receive care, but many pets are homeless and roam the streets. They suffer from heat or cold, lack of food and water. They are often diseased. Even more often, they're being chased around by hostile and violent people and suffer from inhumane and abusive acts from authorities.

We, the people, have the opportunity to express compassion and help stray animals, give them home and care for them.

We urge people all over the world to show humanity, care for stray animals, give them homes and help them as we can!

Announcement of the event on Facebook

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