Brutally tortured dog, which had his head broken with hatchet, was thrown in bag.

Thursday January 10th, 2019

Unfortunately in Georgia animal cruelty is a frequent fact. This time special brutality was taken against the dog.

On  January 8, 2019, Passenger in Tbilisi on Beliashvili Street, in front of the garbage container, saw the bleeding dog in the bag. The Eyewitness also noticed that the animal in the bag was moving. He called the relevant municipal service on the ground. Then the animal was transferred to the municipal shelter. Unfortunately despite the great veterinary effort, the dog couldn’t be survived. On the head dog had a large open wound, which could have been the result of a knife hit.

Based on the information published by TV company "Rustavi 2", dog’s owner is not identified yet. We don’t have eyewitnesses who personally saw the fact. There is no one  who personally witnessed this fact. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already begun investigation, but we don’t know yet what will be the outcome. Biological material is carried out on the expertise.


The NGOs demand radical action and say that on the fact of ill-treatment of animals, the punishment should be especially strict, they blame the government for indifference. The government refuses radical measures on the issue of animal protection, the existing legislation includes: fines or a few days of public service and deprivation of liberty happens very rarely. That’s why petitioners of animal rights initiated to change the legislation.

The GSPSA calls on law enforcement agencies to investigate the fact. The offender should be detected and lawful measures should be taken.

On the same issue - TV company "Rustavi2" - reported .

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