A New Initiative of Company “Zoomart” #adoptfromashelter has started

Saturday February 2nd, 2019

Within the framework of the initiative of the company “Zoomart” and recommendations of the “Georgian Society for the Protection and Safety of Animals” – GSPSA’s  Zoomart will few times monthly award the pet owners, who adopted their pets from the shelter GSPSA and were considered as caring owners.

The goal of the project of “Zoomart” with hashtag #adoptfromashelter (#აიყვანეთავშესაფრიდან) is to promote and encourage the adoption of animals who were abandoned or found in the streets, because we think that we should not choose our friends depending on their breed and exactly animals who are waiting for their future owners for years require special care.

On 29th of January, 2019 company “Zoomart” and its founder Tornike Elizbarashvili awarded Mariam Rokhvadze, who adoped a beautiful Meggi from GSPSA shelter.

We decided to get acquainted with Mariam Rokhvadze and her views on this exemplary decision - was posted on “Zoomart” Facebok page.

Question:  Why did you decide to adopt a dog (cat) from the shelter, have you ever had any pet before?

Mariam Rokhvadze:

I had been thinking about adopting a dog for a long time before, but wanted to be ready first, so I visited the shelter few times to learn more about dogs and their needs. I have not even thought about buying a dog before but when I visited the shelter I knew, I had to make friend with one of them. I had a cat few years ago, once I was living with a mother car and her 4 kittens, but now I understand that despite of number of cats it’s much easier to take care of them than a dog. You know, there is a quote: “As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat.

Question: If a person cannot manage to adopt a pet from a shelter, how can he/she contribute to animal care? Have you ever done such kind of volunteer work?

Mariam Rokhvadze:

In many ways. Of course the easiest and the most flexible way is a money donation, if there is a possibility. The same way, one can get involved  in the program of Guardian from Distance ( or do any other volunteer work. Personally, I helped in dog washing at GSPSA shelter, because washing many dogs requires enormously hard work. Besides, for the shelter’s website I translated a book from English to Georgian - Suggested Guidelines for Bear Enrichment The Ursidae, so if there is a desire to help, there will definitely be a job for you.

Question: “What place does the new friend have in your family?”

Mariam Rokhvadze:

Megi is a full member of our family, who requires some time and attention. Despite my full-time job, I walk with her three times a day, which has intensified my connection with nature, not even mentioning a cardiovascular effort it takes, which has eliminated the necessity of physical exercise from my side. Since Meggie is particularly active, friendly and very social, this significantly affects the mood of all members of the family and our general physical and mental well-being.

Question: “Animals living in the shelter are waiting for people’s good will…. What would you tell to them who are hesitating to adopt a pet from a shelter?”

Mariam Rokhvadze:

It will be hard to make someone adopt a dog, who has never thought about this or neither is ready, but the ones who wants to have a pet, I think he/she will not be kinder towards a pet or even himself/herself by adopting a new friend from a shelter. The numbers of animals waiting for owners are so huge, buying a dog is just out of question. Encouraging is the fact, that shelter dogs are usually well-trained and taken care, because professionals are working with them, this will make your co-living easier at the beginning until you get used to your new friend.

If you want to adopt a dog and so have the most faithful friend, visit GSPSA website – Pets For Adoption.

History of Maryiam and Maggi.

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