"Zoomart" and GSPSA charity program - “Donate food to an Animal Shelter!”

Thursday March 9th, 2017

From 5th of March 2017, "Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals" (GSPSA) in cooperation with "Smart Distribution" Ltd. has implemented charity program called “Donate food to an Animal Shelter!”. The purpose of the program is to provide food for shelter and stray animals. The program will be permanent and anyone can participate by purchasing products for the shelter animals and placing them on a specially designed shelf.  Purchased products will be delivered to Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals (GSPSA), in order to provide food for the shelter and stray animals.

For this you need to:

  • Visit “Zoomart” petshop;
  • Consultant will help you to choose products for the shelter, prices of which have been specially adjusted for the charity purposes;
  • You will leave purchased items at the shop on a specially designed shelf.

On the 5th of March, together, GSPSA and Zoomart management group, participated in the charity program opening ceremony.

GSPSA is thankful to ZooMart management for donating 5 bags of dogfood, which was already placed on the specially designed shelf during the opening ceremony.

The first person who purchased food for shelter animals was Isa Noulard.

GSPSA’s animal shelter’s three legged dog called “Kiara” was a very special guest, who attended charity programs’ opening ceremony. Thanks to Zoomart donations in last months, Kiara is able to live well at the shelter.


"Zoomart" and "Georgian Society for Protection and Safety of Animals" (GSPSA) are thankful for your participation and donations!

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